An industry recognized acting coach trained under advisement of Lewis Baumander

Professional/Casting Director approved 'classroom' with studio-grade camera and sound

A comfortable and creative work environment

Using entry-level exercises and techniques designed by Lewis Baumander and taught by LB Acting Studio teachers, young actors will be introduced to techniques used by professional actors who are on such shows as Odd Squad, Back Stage, Degrassi, and The Next Step.


Joy and empowerment will be at the core of the classes. The students will learn how to use real emotions to convey the meaning of scenes.


They will learn how to memorize and interpret scripts.  They will also learn how to prepare for future auditions for potential agents, movies, and tv shows.

The last class will be used to introduce parents and their children to the next steps if they are considering an attempt to explore a professional career. ​


No experience required.  Curiosity and courage are a necessity! Classes are held once a week for 5 weeks. ​



$199 + HST (New Students)

$160 + HST (Returning Students)


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