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Do I need to bring my own reader?

Nope! Your session is full-service and your camera operator will read with you. Our readers are industry professionals and have read for years – and hundreds of auditions.


Of course, if you would feel more comfortable working with your own reader, they are welcome in the room – just let us know ahead of time. The camera operator will remain in the studio to record.

Does my session include coaching?

While our readers love to give feedback or suggestions, they are not formal coaches.


If you would like to book a coaching session with your tape, please email or visit to explore your coaching options.

When and how will I receive my tape?

We guarantee afternoon delivery for morning tapes and end-of-day delivery for afternoon tapes. Other arrangements can be made for urgent tapes, however we strongly do not recommend coming in right before your tape deadline.

We use WeTransfer as our digital delivery method, however if you would prefer an alternate method, please indicate so on your tape form.

How do I cancel my session?

Please give us 24-hour notice before cancelling your session.

No-shows and day-of cancellations are subject to a $20 fee.

Does Casting Central have evening or weekend availability for self tapes?

Due to studio space limitations during the week, we currently do not offer evening availability.


Sunday afternoon tapes run from 2:30pm - 6:00pm most weekends and are subject to availability.

Question not answered here?

Send us an email at with any inquiries!

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