An industry recognized acting coach trained under advisement of Lewis Baumander

Professional/Casting Director approved 'classroom' with studio-grade camera and sound

A comfortable and creative work environment

WEEK OF JUNE 20TH, 2020. 
We are hoping that all Round 4 classes will resume in person but are prepared to run the round online until we're cleared to get back in the studio.

Have you considered a career as an actor but don't want to spend a fortune finding out if it's for you?  

Are your friends and family telling you that you have talent... but you aren't sure if you have what it takes?  

Do you want a comfortable professional environment in which to work and have fun?  

There are 3 simple things you need to do to find out.

1) Learn from the best.

2) Be where the jobs are.

3) Learn the profession as well as the craft.


Lewis Baumander, one of Canada’s top acting coaches and Casting Central, Toronto’s largest and busiest casting facility are opening the doors to the film and t.v. industry in Canada where the professionals make their decisions. 


This is not a generic acting class. It will introduce you to breaking down a script and how to audition for a part. The focus is on the skills and techniques that directors and casting directors look for in professional actors.  This is a 5-week program of 4 acting classes and 1 career counseling session that will give you an honest answer without trying to sell you a bill of goods.


Throughout the first 4 classes you will:

1)   Learn how to access and shape your emotional life to bring truth to the monologues and scenes you may be called upon to audition 
2)   Work on assigned memorized material handed out 2nd class 
3)   Focus on learning how to break down scripts and specific techniques 
4)   Learn techniques for breathing, relaxing, and free association 
5)   Work on bringing personal thought and experience into a script


No experience required.  Curiosity and courage are a necessity!


Classes are held once a week for 5 weeks. We offer two options. Saturdays at 10am or Mondays at 6pm.



$329 + HST (New Students)