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Actress Alexandra Beaton has been performing for longer than she can remember. She has danced and sung her way across many stages, most recently, Ross Petty's Christmas Panto, Sleeping Beauty. She has died in Gerard Butler's arm in the blockbuster 300, took people and round (and also napped herself a “Best Actress” nominee at the Vancouver Webfest) as Emma in Spiral, and put fear in dancers everywhere as Emily, the tough as nails dancer and now head of, The Next Step. Alexandra loves to try and find the best, and the worst, in all the characters she gets to play. Her latest project, The Good Witch, comes out this year. 


Alexandra attended University and is a proud graduate of The University of Guelph's 2016 class. She is also an avid reader, runner, dog lover, and traveler. You can almost always find her listening to early 2000's music on her iPod on set. If you want to, you can Follow Alexandra on Instagram at @albeaton and Twitter at @IAmAlBeaton.