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LB Acting Studio & Casting Central are extremely excited to announce our latest SUMMER PROGRAM designed for teens ages 14-18. We decided we wanted to try something new and jump outside the 'norm.'

The Voice: Actor's Edition will be taking place the week of Monday, August 14th.

Are you Team Alex? Team Melinda? Or Team Brennan?

For more info go to:

Casting Central is proud to announce "The Voice: Actors Edition" taking place Monday, August 14th - Friday, August 18th for youth actors ages 14-18. Similar to the popular TV singing competition on NBC,  Casting Central will be hosting 3 working actors: Alex Beaton and Brennan Clost from 'The Next Step' and Melinda Shankar from 'Degrassi.'

They will be your mentors throughout this week-long, half-day camp.

The goal of this camp is for young actors to write, rehearse, and shoot their own scene within a team of 3-4 actors, and to learn through the mentorship of the actors working as leads on TV shows such as 'Degrassi' and 'The Next Step.' These actors are also models of 'making their own work,' as they generate content for their YouTube channel and other social media platforms regularly. 

What does the week look like?

On the first day of this challenge, actors will come to the studio with a short scene sent to them prior to the camp start date. They will perform the scene for the three coaches and it's up to the coaches (Alex, Brennan, and Melinda) to pick their team for the week. Are you Team Alex? Team Melinda? Team Brennan?

Once the teams are solidified, the actors spend the next three days working on designing a short scene with their other cast mates and mentor.

On the final day of this challenge, the actors will go to "Casting Central Film Studio" for a FULL DAY on set. While on set, the mentors will space, set and direct their teams for the final performance. The performances will be shot and live streamed, and the actors will walk away with footage for their own personal use.

Are you up to the challenge?



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 Next Camp Begins
Monday July 17th, 2017 to Friday July 21st, 2017


‘Behind the Scenes’ Youth Summer Camp



Monday July 17th - Friday July 21st (Acting Camp) - 3hrs/day

Ages 10-13 (10am - 1pm)


*Children who are younger than the specified age can be approved based on studio follow up*


Summer Vacation is fast approaching. Do you have children passionate about the art and process of acting for film and television? Well, there's something fun and exciting for you to consider! 


Toronto’s premier casting facility, Casting Central, is offering an opportunity for youths to immerse themselves in the world of TV and film!


Take part in this camp with knowledgeable and experienced instructors from the LB Acting Studio who have trained actors such as, Olivia Scriven, Ricardo Hoyos, Lyle Lettau & Sara Waisglass from Degrassi. As well as, Charles Vandervaart from the Stanley Dynamic and Peyton Kennedy from Odd Squad.


‘Behind the Scenes’ will introduce your child to the skills and techniques that casting directors look for in professional actors, as well as, in an actor audition.


By the end of the week students audition a prepared piece for our Special Industry Guest. Students will be provided with re-directs & feedback LIVE in the audition room. This process will be taped so that parents and their actor can watch the tape and feedback together.



During the week long camp, participants will:


  • Learn challenging drills and exercises to be used in audition preparation. Learn how to access deep emotions quickly, and how to tell the story of the script moment by moment.
  • Learn how to prepare for an audition. As well as learn how to meet and greet casting directors and agents warmly and professionally.
  • Learn how to breakdown a script & learn new memorization techniques.
  • Audition live and receive redirects/feedback from our special guest.


Space is Limited! 10 Spots ONLY!


Cost: $399 + HST


*Based on student maturity, they can be considered for older age group

**Limited spots available. Only 10 spots per class.

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Saturday June 10th, 2017 (11am - 1pm)
(Ages 13-17)
Using entry level exercises and techniques designed by Lewis Baumander and taught by LB Acting Studio teachers,
young actors will be introduced to techniques used by professional actors who are on such shows as Odd Squad, Back Stage, Degrassi, and The Next Step.


Joy and empowerment will be at the core of the classes. The students will learn how to use real emotions to convey the meaning of scenes.

They will learn how to memorize and interpret scripts.  They will also learn how to prepare for future auditions for potential agents, movies and tv shows.
The last class will be used to introduce parents and their children to the next steps if they are considering an attempt to explore a professional career. 
Use the ENROLL NOW button below to register


No experience required.  Curiosity and courage are a necessity!
Classes are held once a week for 5 weeks.
$199 + HST (New Students)
$160 + HST (Returning Students)
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 Saturday June 10th, 2017 (10am - 1pm)


     Monday June 12th, 2017 (6pm - 9pm)



(ages 18 +)
Have you considered a career as an actor but don't want to spend a fortune finding out if it's for you? 

Are friends and family telling you that you have talent... but you aren't sure if you have what it takes? 

Do you want a comfortable professional environment in which to work and have fun? 

There are 3 simple things you need to do to find out.
1) Learn from the best.
2) Be where the jobs are.
3) Learn the profession as well as the craft.


Lewis Baumander, one of Canada’s top acting coaches and Casting Central, Toronto’s largest and busiest casting facility, are opening the doors to the film and t.v. industry in Canada where the professionals make their decisions. 


This is not a generic acting class. It will introduce you to breaking down a script and how to audition for a part. The focus is on the skills and techniques that directors and casting directors look for in professional actors.  This is a 5 week program of 4 acting classes and 1 career counseling session that will give you an honest answer without trying to sell you a bill of goods.


Throughout the first 4 classes you will:
1)   Learn how to access and shape your emotional life to bring truth to the monologues and scenes you may be called upon to audition 
2)   Work on assigned memorized material handed out 2nd class 
3)   Focus on learning how to breakdown scripts and specific techniques
4)   Learn techniques for breathing, relaxing, and free association
5)   Work on bringing personal thought and experience into a script


Use the ENROLL NOW button below to register


No experience required.  Curiosity and courage are a necessity!
Classes are held once a week for 5 weeks. We offer two options. Saturdays at 10am or Mondays at 6pm.
$299 + HST (New Students)
$269 + HST (Returning Students)
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This two day workshop for child actors (13 to 16) and one or both of their parents on two consecutive Sundays is designed to increase the knowledge and reduce the stress associated with preparing you and your child for an audition.  It will answer your questions regarding everything from what directors want to see from a young auditioning actor to how to help prepare your child for the audition.  The end result will give your child more confidence when walking into an audition room.

After an overview by acting coach Lewis Baumander of the dos and don’ts of the audition process, a question and answer session will follow.  You will then have an opportunity to hear from the experience and expertise of professional guest. You will then learn how to break down a set of sides and work with your child in preparation for the audition.
Running concurrent with this question and answer session, your child will work with an acting coach on audition preparation.  The young actors will learn how to identify clues (story points) in their scripts and be able to communicate them in the audition room.  Your child will also learn how to ask the right questions in order to identify more closely with their characters. A set of sides will be given to you and your child to work on over the course of the week in preparation for a live audition.
You and your child will return.  The actors should have their sides memorized and ready to be presented for the live auditions. The audition session will be adjudicated by Lewis.  The auditions will be taped and all parents and young actors will gather for a breakdown and analysis of the auditions. A question and answer session will follow to address any outstanding concerns you may have.
PAST GUESTS INCLUDE: Casting Director JOANNE BOREHAM ("Radio Free Roscoe", "Connor Undercover")
Cost: $350 +HST
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with written notes from our
Guest Casting Director
PAST GUESTS INCLUDE: Andrea Kenyon | Jenny Lewis 
$215 +HST



Whether we like it or not the ‘Self-Tape’ is here to stay. Even more so as producers & directors are increasingly shifting the expense of the audition on to the actor.


Unfortunately too many of the self-tapes that are sent do not reflect the quality or ability of the actor sending it.  Little to none of the actors training has prepared them for shooting sometimes 8-10 pages in 30 minutes without direction. The self-tape could be doing more harm than good.


There is not much we can do about how actors are expected to audition. However, we can ensure that the quality of your audition is reflected in a properly produced self-tape.

This ½ Day Workshop will open with a short overview of self-tape do’s and don’ts led by a LB Acting Studio Coach and a Casting Central Camera Operator.

Once all the questions have been addressed each student will then be coached and self-taped using a set of sides provided by the studio 72 hours in advance of the workshop.


At the end of the day we will send the self-tapes, along with headshots and resumes, to our Guest Casting Director who will review each self-tape. Within a week each student will receive individualized feedback/notes from our Guest Casting Director.



After receiving your notes from our Guest Casting Director, if you desire, you may take the CD’s notes and self-tape your scene again. We will then send them to our Guest Casting Director for further review and more notes.


Please Note: You will have 5 days after receiving your notes to submit your self-tape to us. The cost of the self-tape (or coaching) will be at the actors expensive. Casting Central will offer attendees a special rate of $35+HST for a ½ Hr Self-tape (coaching not included).


LB Acting Studio Coach: Nahanni Johnstone

Guest Casting Director: TBA

Date and Time: TBA

Cost: $215 +HST


AUGUST 21st-25th
Ages 10-13
JULY 17th - JULY 21st
Ages 10-13
                                                                                                                                                   THE VOICE: ACTORS EDITION
AUGUST 14th-18th
Ages 14-18

Saturday July 22nd, 2017
$199 (+HST) (New)
$160 (+HST) (Returning)
 Saturday July 22, 2017
Monday July 24, 2017
$299 (+HST)(New)
$269 (+HST)(Returning)

$215 (+HST)

$350 (+HST)