Agency Sessions

Agency Sessions are a great way:
  • for you to have multiple self-tapes packaged for your quick and easy review before being sent to Casting
  • to present several clients to Casting Directors for a particular project in an organized and efficient manner
  • to book ahead to guarantee your clients are able to find a quality place to do a self-tape during peak times
  • to get your clients a discounted rate on their self-tapes

How it works
Agency Sessions are available in 2 forms:

Option# 1

Book a block of time for your agency where you can assign your clients a particular time to come in for a 1/2 hour appointment. *For this option we request a list of actors names with email addresses and phone numbers.

Option# 2
Book a block of time, inform your clients of the time frame and have your clients call us to make their 1/2 appointments at their convenience. This time frame can be during one day or extended beyond to encompass 2 days or more. We will send their auditions to you for your review the day of the taping or as a package once they are all completed-----it's up to you!

*For Agency Sessions we ask for a minimum of 5 actors so we can bring in a camera person specifically for your session.

As always, we endeavour to make your clients taping experience a relaxed one. Our camera operators are first class and can read and shoot if your clients are without a reader. We also offer your clients a bottle of water on us. After the taping is finished, their audition will be sent out by the end of the day (or sooner) directly to you, by the method of your choice.

Your clients will pay only $40 for this service! That's a $10 savings off the regular price!